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Vigorous /ˈvɪɡ(ə)rəs/ :
Full of energy.

Smart /esmart/ :
intelligence; acumen.

Vigo ( We go ) Smart

Creation is our Passion, from Scratch to Live, leave your project to us for an Eyecatch and Unique creature to own!

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Expression of Simplicity in design since immediatly and directly goes to the subject and theme and also the consideration of Usability and better navigation and undrestanding in web and related matters, has been created and converted our approaches and even our works to an Inseparable and Irrefutable fact.

Considering the Minimalism foundations in Web User interface Designing is one of our aspects and features which we have tried hard to develope, Encouraging and assigning to all our activities.

We believe in : Less is More.

Web Design / Development

Web site as a fundamental platform for all digital contents which play the main role in exposing all the functional and mutual aspects, intrinsically should be brought the context and content in an appropriate way via considering and executing Usability and Responsivity in User Interface and User Experience Designing.

These two facts and it's accepted criteria's are our two major duties which we are committed to assigning them to all our projects aside from the strong and secured back-end and development.

In vigosmart we are committed to creating the concepts, Unique and Customized.
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Mobile App Design and Development

Smart Apps development market is booming and there is great demand for custom applications for different purposes. We custom design, develop, test and deploy Android and iOS apps of your business. Following are different types of application categories developed by us at our app development center.

Here are the categories: Business, Education, Utility, Game, Health and Entertainment.

We also offer our custom and unique services to choose due to our specialty and professional vision and resources for famous and great brands in local or abroad.
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Unique Package

Features and Advantages:

. Vigosmart Unique CMS and Dashboard
. Unique UI and Layout Design
. Really User Friendly in Front and Dashboard
. 99% Dynamic in Content Management
. Fully Customized based on your exact needs
. Essential SEO Ready
. Flow component Management ( Metas, Socials, Slogans, Header Images, ...)
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Customizable Package


. Vigosmart Unique CMS and Dashboard
. Custom UI and Layout Design
. Custom and selective Links and Pages
. Really User Friendly in Front and Dashboard
. Essential SEO Ready
. Flow component Management ( Metas, Socials, Slogans, Header Images, ...)
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The Team

All the creations by Vigosmart are the effort of these creative and dynamic people.


Companies who Trusted and Worked with us

  • The guys at Damsun were an absolute pleasure to work with - they took on our project with the same enthusiasm and passion as us.
    Damsun Company
    Alireza Akhlaghi - CEO
  • We've worked with Tixy on our web presence over the past 8 years and always relish the opportunity to work alongside them.
    Deeep Creative Company
    Kourosh Abbasi - Founder

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